White creamy vaginal discharge no infection. Vaginal discharge—causes, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Other symptoms such as burning, itchiness, or irritation are often a better indication of a problem.

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Indian journal of sexually transmitted diseases, 38 1

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Download Flo App Creamy white discharge with odor.

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Following diagnosis, the doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics to treat the BV.

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Vaginal discharge is used to help keep your vaginal tissues moist and lubricated.

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It also helps form a mucus plug in the cervix.

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For instance, discharge may become heavier, thicker, and more noticeable when a woman is ovulating.

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You can't prevent vaginal discharge Panty liners can help with heavy or excessive discharge or if you're worried about any smell.

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Anyone who has gone through menopause and not had a period for at least 1 year should see a doctor if they experience vaginal bleeding.