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Rhinoceros cockroaches Macropanesthia rhinocerosalso known as giant burrowing cockroaches or litterbugs, are wingless, glossy, dark brown and stout-bodied.

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Okay most of the butterflies and bugs here in the museum are dead and preserved, but they are carefully labelled and displayed in glass cases.

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The world's largest winged cockroach is Megaloblatta longipennis found in Peru, Ecuador and Panama.

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The Great Burrowing Cockroach is brown, has a shiny, smooth exterior and a broad and heavy body.

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Breathing easy So the researchers took a closer look at the roaches' tracheal tubes.

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Madagascan hissing cockroaches are kept as pets by some slightly odd peopleā€¦.

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Many insects grow larger when the air around them is more oxygen-rich.