Vintage sex ads. Reflecting back on these ads provides a window into the various types of psychological manipulations going on at different points in time and are sometimes hilarious and thin girl big breasts infuriating but always enlightening.

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The guy characters are treated like cumbersome, stupid tag a longs without an original or useful thought in their heads.

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Accessed 25th September […].

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In the Losers ad, the first girl is Ali Mcgraw.

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Ads also wanted women to feel anxious about the smoothness of their lips.

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She had to keep her personal appearance up, too.

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I agree with the Gap-osis ad — Steven Colbert would drop her in a heartbeat.

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Old magazines, especially men-only rags, were brimming with advertisements for sex advice books.

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Even in the '70s, ads offered ways to change the body into a more ideal shape.

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