Vintage greyhound bus pics. We had one driver who would get in there and turn the RPM up, it would took along time before the mechanics caught on to him.

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Incidentally, it was a gasoline engine, not diesel.

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Greyhound bus back view Greyhound coach operated by First Group in front of Tower bridge in London, Uk Greyhound bus with open door and welcome mat.

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The MC5 was a 39 passenger single axle dually, while the MC6, 7,8,9 were 43 and 47 seaters and had a tag axle to support the extra length and weight.

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As a retired 30 year greyhound driver in Canada, I was not around until

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Roland E.

Vintage seaside posters

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The scenic cruiser was the best riding coach ever madeā€¦.

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