Video game characters nude. Back in the early '00s, you couldn't throw a skateboard without hitting a sub-par extreme sports game, and while Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was nowhere near terrible, it certainly didn't live up to the high bar set mega pornstar Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

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If you're playing Bachelor Party, it's a naked dude tossed against a batch of females.

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Commonly regarded as the original hottie, Lara is an icon in the video game industry.

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One of the things that gamers are quite understandably annoyed with is that their hobby is never taken as seriously as the hobbies of other people.

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She shares the same initials as her original face model, Julia Voth.

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Final Fantasy Random Fact:

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A lawsuit followed and The Guy Game was quickly yanked from shelves.

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Does anybody else think it's a little weird when video game developers decide to go back to turn a film into a video game?

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That being said, sometimes people involved in the gaming community don't really help themselves.

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Final Fantasy.


There are countless games which let you maim, dismember and obliterate waves of faceless enemies and even innocent good relatos pornos de abuelas cogiendo in over-the-top or realistic gory fashion, but far fewer games dare to feature even the briefest hints of a nipple or, god forbid, genetalia.