Variations in vulva shape. McFadden's research found that "clitoral width ranged from 0.

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Removes labial edge Overresection possible Edge scalloping may occur Edge scarring may occur rarely.

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Excision is generally oriented parallel to the sulcus between the clitoral hood and the labia majora Figure 7 A.

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It turns out that not much research has been done, questions to ask man dating Women's Health reported that a study by Dr Brook McFadden of Ohio State University, who looked at a women, found that the " left labia minora was an average of 2.

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A single-layer closure with interrupted 4.

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Rather, I offer what I have learned in performing over labiaplasties.

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Directors of Clinical Research programs:

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Clinical characteristics of well women seeking labial reduction surgery:

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They can dangle up to an inch or more!

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If you've got this type of vulva, your labia majora will curve round, exposing the labia minora front-on, but will meet evenly at the bottom like an hot chinese anal down horseshoe.