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We had been to close to a gas exhaust and shot a flame arrow beside it causing Lara to die.

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Lara Croft was gaming's new icon, but that was due to her appearance as much as her game.

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Also, I noticed in the video right where Lara's nipples are you can clearly see 2 huge and out of placed square pixels.

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Naturally, rumors quickly started flying around claiming there was a nude code in "Tomb Raider" that would strip Lara down to her birthday suit.

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My only possible conclusion is that when they made Lara's damaged explosion mesh, behind her tank top they jokingly put these 2 t marks were her nipples would be on purpose.

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The beige pants can be found on different costumes.

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Fake codes and secrets made the rounds on the Internet in its early days in and throughout gaming culture.