Shrink anal skin tags. To make a diagnosis, your doctor will likely conduct a physical exam.

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Form, function, and aesthetics go hand-in-hand and should be weighed equally in the decision making process.

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However, they can imigefap discomfort or itching, and may be considered unsightly.

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If you find an anal fissure, do NOT proceed with digital rectal examination or anoscopy at this time; digital examination and anoscopy are extremely painful examinations for the patient with an anal fissure.

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Thinking it was just my imagination, my worst fears were confirmed when a recent partner made a more direct comment about what was going on back there aesthetically.

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They may be the same color as the skin or slightly darker.

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Obese people, or people with larger posteriors, are more prone to skin tags due to creases and folds in the skin.

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Both sexes can get skin tags around the anus, and they can be triggered by many factors.

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The process of rectal skin tag removal is difficult to perform on your own, so you may need someone to help you.