Sagittarius man jealous. Sign in.

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He wants to see these same traits mirrored in the woman he loves.

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Others get upset when they're jealous because it makes them feel like their partner doesn't really care about them and is more interested in someone else.

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Seeing as how they're very objective and practical, Sagittarius certainly strives for stability in love and life.

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At the same time, he will readily grant you your freedom as long as you are honest with him.

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We are impatient.

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When Virgo is feeling jealous, his immediate reaction is to hide it.

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Some Archers are also untactful and rude.

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Of course, if the situation requires it to, the Sagittarius can get jealous.

In my girl bent over couch anal, it's better to just be honest with me up front, like telling me I'm really not that great a cook, instead of making me guess if you like the spaghetti I made or not.