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Rather than ask him out directly, she instead "accidentally" ran into him as often as possible so that he could ask her out.

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Regardless of the source, this incredible skill allows Kim to perform death-defying moves like somersaulting between laser beams and rockets with little apparent effort.

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This was prior to most hints leesbian asshole finger Kim and Ron's feelings towards each other, and prior to that, he gained the most adoration of all her love interests.

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Kim becomes a crime-fighter unintentionally.

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Despite her frame, Kim is surprisingly strong and is capable of easily hitting someone hard enough to knock them off their feet or even unconscious with a single blow.

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Kim was also someone that was very hard to shock, a likely side effect of the unusual situations she regularly faces down.

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So the Dramaas well as a video game seriesin all of which Kim stars.

Kim and Bonnie have been archrivals since at least middle school.