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These pictures will open your mind and will guide you through the disease in many respects as till now we have only discussed theoretical part of blue waffles disease only.

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People who have low immunity, or who are practicing unprotected sex and not paying hygienic attention to their genitals are more prone to this disease.

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Women are considered more prone to the disease.

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Blue waffle disease is a kind of sexually transmitted disease, which was first spread on the internet with highly contaminated and painful pictures of the vagina.

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You must lookout for such symptoms to catch the disease at an earlier stage and prevent it from spreading by taking due care of your hygienic and sexual habits.

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And if we think logically, how can an STD be only transmitted from women to men?

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These bacterium are designed to trigger discomfort and also annoyance in females, which becomes part of the most significant problem.

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Blue waffle was the brainchild of some dumb kids in Mankato, Minnesota and it turned into an urban legend.