Polynesian men naked. This principle of seniority in reckoning relationship runs throughout Polynesia, except in Samoa and some of the smaller western islands where it is of little significance.

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Rank was just as important for the Maori as for the Tahitian, but within the smaller Maori sub-tribal blood-grouping, its respect could be left to customary obedience.

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The second and junior wife was usually the sister of the first wife.

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Members of the group could take the usufruct from land or water at will, provided there was no infringement on the rights of others or on the tapus that were occasionally promulgated by the gymnast voyeur to protect or conserve natural food-sources.

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Kiwi-feather cloaks were specially prized, but the feathers of pigeons, parrots, and other brightly-coloured birds were also used.

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In spite of cultural disorganisations today in many parts of Polynesia, the old fears and attitudes survive—dormant for the most part but suddenly rising as conscious determiners of behaviour in times of crisis or untoward sickness.

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Typically, the Maori soul went north-east up the coast of the North Island of New Zealand to Te Arai where it deposited offerings, on to Haumu hilltop where it glanced back over the land of the living.

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There were many local variations on this pattern.

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All members of the group co-operated in cultivating, harvesting, and collecting these village-controlled products.

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For an especially grand meeting-house a human victim was sometimes offered as a sacrifice, the heart being eaten by the officiating priest and the body occasionally buried at the foot of one ridge post or beneath a back wallslab.

There were many local variations on this pattern.