Nude pics of rugrats grown up. The episode begins with Didi putting a sweater on Spike.

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Tommy then convinces Chuckie that all the best people are naked, including Spike, Susie's Cat, and even Reptar.

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Betty arrives with Phil and Lil and drops them off in the playpen as she is curious about Lou's speech for his Wombat award.

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Lou then tells Stu and Didi to come into the kitchen to listen to his acceptance speech, which they do.

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Stu tells her not to panic, and to just pretend Tommy isn't their son.

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Didi asks Lou if everyone liked his speech, and Lou tells her they hated his speech, but found his grandson the cutest thing they ever saw, with or without his clothes.

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He jumps and splashes water, revealing that he and Chuckie are in the bathtub.

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Tommy takes his clothes off, wanting to be like his dog, Spike and Reptar.