Nude male body painting. Along with my eight conceptual works, japan nude pictures of my old works are also displayed, to make the audience understand that painting nude was a process since the very start of my career, these new conceptual work has evolved through my previous nude paintings and other related works.

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Depicting my subtle nudity of closeted homosexual own body, through this exhibition I have tried to reach out those males, who feel timid, shy, tender, depressed, confused, lost or even feel dominant; I want them to celebrate the male figure that is given to us by the grace of the god and be who we are.

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In nude oil paintings, artist and observer find a profound link with the pureness of being.

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Jan Koubek.

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Both of them started to paint nude around

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Male body painting Nude.

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Purush is a structure and a form, but the soul inside the Purush can also be still feminist, angel dark or tender.

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Periodically artists have been using nudity as free expression of human emotions through various forms of art.

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Kapil and Roshan came in collaboration to counterparts these sense of mysticism and cults.

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Kapil celebrated the joy of being man openly whereas Sex2010 created negative sides of male being nude.

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Being male, both wanted to create a dialogue about a male form, its robustness as well as its tenderness, both feel male figure must be celebrated but not be suppressed.

Whatever the reason, our topless male models provide the perfect canvas for an hour of painting.

And that is the reason why I decided to study figurative art and continue my career in the same.