Legs on shoulder. It's standard in the sense that most guys probably won't ask before doing it

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No clit friction and literally putting a barrier between me and my partner.

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Your legs kind of support my shoulders and I'm lazy.

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I do this with my gf cause I'm a tad above average in length and if I get deep enough with the right angle and pace I can set off a chain of orgasms in my gf that just keep going and going until shes shaking and cuckold pictures and captions handle anymore.

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My girl likes it.

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However, a position like this is a small change that can yield great rewards.

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If the uncomfortable part is just from ham strings, you might try stretching to see if you can make it comfortable.

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You don't have to like it - and I don't think I would because of how passive it is.

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It's very rare that I can just go at it right off the bat, but boy-oh-boy, once I'm ready, then I'm riding 'em cowgirl!

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Luckily your hands will be free the entire time.