How to find out if a guy is into you. Tips Sometimes the best way to find out if he's interested is to simply ask.

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I remember wearing a skirt one Friday cause I always wear pants to school, he just sat there staring at me as I walked from class to the cafeteria.

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Now a days there is no sure way of knowing if a guy really wants to be serious until u already take the chance.

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Trust me.

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How often does he call and text?

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Hi girls there is boy in my class I am grade 8th.

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If he's leaning towards you it means that he's comfortable with you and that he wants to be near you.

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For example, they may claim that they know how to read palms and ask you to put your hand on theirs.

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OK so i like this boy his name is dylan and like i love him sooooo much like alottt like i cant even explain anyway i asked my huge spunk shot to talk to him and ask him his name so he asked for her name and never mine but somehow he knew and my friend never said my name once which is really weird my friend asked dylan if we could sit with him he was yea thank you i was like awwww.