How long for a divorce to be final. I am a homemaker, and now he wants me to find a job, after telling me not to for all these years.

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The courts also say they haven't heard from either party, but I call once a week.

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Instant Time waiting for final hearing:

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Can I postpone the court hearing because of my job?

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My husband filed for divorce more than six months ago, but I have not heard anything yet.

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You can change your mind at any point before the final decree, but that doesn't mean your spouse changes his mind.

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We are divorcing, but are still living in the same home with our two young children.

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Often filing court documents to get the divorce going will jumpstart things.

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Your rights are not protected if you cannot communicate during the proceeding.

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If you are unable to obtain the number, it's likely the court would waive the requirement.

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If you happen to live in London, you should expect your divorce to take longer due to court delays.

I have filed for a divorce from my alcoholic husband.

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