Erotic art gen 13. Up late that night studying, Caitlin is overcome by nausea.

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That guilt means he cannot in good conscience support a renewed Genesis program — especially one that preys on the children of his teammates!

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Lynch further crushes Threshold with the news that it was I.

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Shh, be quiet, your elders are talking.

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She reasons with him, but he steps forward to execute her at point blank range … only to have the bullet ricochet of of her hand, because Ivana Baiul is a cyborg!

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His explanations end as they reach a trash chute.

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Threshold is pantyhose masterbating Grunge to try to elicit some semblance of power while Freefall and Rainmaker look on in horror, unable to use their powers.

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Unfortunately, he misses on and gets hit by at least three bullets.

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If so, who were in all those other pods?

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Will I like it better this time around?

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His allegiance to Ivana is flexible — what he really wants is to be the leader of all Gen actives.

Are you seeing this through rose-colored glasses?

Shh, be quiet, your elders are talking.