Dick so small jokes. Sure, we've all done it at one point or another.

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But society as a majority should not dictate what is deemed popular or acceptable for everyone.

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The punchline of Valentino's joke is that his redheaded playmates heather just couldn't get enough of his tattoo and makes him show it off at all family gatherings.

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Like, Golden Girls funny.

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You and I both know what a sentient, man-penis beast would look like, and this is it.

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Thanks, Toronto.

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HAL HALinGalaxy A guy just said out loud that he has a small dick in a group of girls and two of them instantly say no you don't it's average Faith in college girls restored.

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While not yet a popular opinion, people of all genders have to speak up to end these cheap shots taken at literal wieners, when really they're upset with figurative assholes.

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Just making sure, never leave a man behind.

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