Dating love undertale. Alphys thanks the protagonist for their support and declares to the Amalgamates that they will return home.

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In the beginning area with the golden flowers, Asriel can be found tending the flowers and can be talked to.

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The protagonist enters the door, which actually leads to an elevator.

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Several of these amalgamates attack the protagonist, but the protagonist spares them.

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As they prepare to fight, Toriel arrives, incapacitates Asgore, and consoles the protagonist.

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Regardless of the protagonist's response, Undyne thanks them, and the event ends.

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Frisk and their friends watch the sunset on the surface.

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Surprised at the protagonist's high determination, Asriel reveals that he was only using a fraction of his real power.

Injecting determination into the dead monsters successfully restored them to life, but they melted and turned into Amalgamates - fusions of several monsters.