Dark circles on anus. Ashley Oerman Senior Editor Ashley Oerman is a senior editor at Cosmopolitan, covering fitness, health, and sexual health.

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While wearing gloves, the doctor will look at the anal area and perform a diagnostic exam.

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The area will be numbed and liquid nitrogen is applied to the tag.

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Rectal Exam It might be necessary to do a rectal exam.

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How Skin Tags Pantyhosehunter Diagnosis Finding a lump or a bulge in the anal area should prompt a call to a doctor.

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Warm and humid environments can increase the chances of developing an infection due to excessive sweating.

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Typically, you apply the product with clean hands, avoiding the anus itself.

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Swollen blood vessels in the anus may be caused by blood clots, diarrhea, exercise, hemorrhoids, lifting heavy objects, pregnancy, and straining on the toilet bowl.

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It is also important not to feel unattractive or disturbed due to the discoloration.

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Please try again.

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Pregnant women are more prone to skin tags because of hormonal changes.