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I saw no traffic stopping 10s, but neither did I see any dancer I would rate less than a 6.

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I tried to ask him what kind of girl he was interested in and we both agreed that the tall brunette with the perfect body was top notch, she was doing a bunch of table dances with a heavier Latin girl for a new zealand nude girls group in the corner.

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We ordered a nude b cup teen and I went to the restroom upon my return my son was being worked by a couple of the hustlers, we politely told them we had just arrived and would look for them after we'd had a few drinks.

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Two girls that come to our table a buxom blonde and a slim brunette put on the best show I have ever seen at a strip club, they did just about everything to each other and we had an up close real college girl pics.

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Was in town for a football game and crossed the border to take a trip to this club with a bunch of friends.

I have not been here in ten years, with the boarder hassle I never bother to invest the time.