Black facial hair man style. So many styles to choose from!

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Look at James Harden on the basketball court, how his ducktail beard commands attention in an arena of 50, screaming fans.

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Any short beard style, under half an inch, will look better on you than a longer beard.

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Regardless of the haircut or hair growth pattern, the full beard can be shaped and sculpted to go with just about any face.

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Some researchers have shown that shaven men experience ingrown facial hairs more often than bearded ones.

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When marine dating sites the stubble down to the desired length, use a set of beard trimmers with the guard set to about 3mm-5mm and make sure to clean the guards and the razor head after use.

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However, be careful to keep a balance in your face, in fact, if for example your forehead is large, prefer short beards and make sure that your haircut is not too large risk to lengthen your face.

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