Best movie unsimulated sex scenes. Lars von Trier Does Nymphomaniac merit inclusion on this list?

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This film, directed by Andy Milligan exists in two versions:

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A young woman named Clara is captured by a serial killer named Leonard who records his "life story" by keeping a scrapbook of his many victims.

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Vincent Gallo It takes a special type of auteur to write, direct, and star in a movie that involves him receiving an unsimulated blow job nude lisa raye completion on-screen.

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The scenes shot by Tinto Brass are entirely softcore.

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A 'chance' meeting in the street, give you the opportunity to Agata and Marc to help each other to overcome the inertia of their lives.

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The hardcore European version of this film by Joe D'Amatoprepared for the French market contains penetration, oral sex, and the bestiality scenes with the snake and the dog.

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Scarlet Diva is a film by Italian writer, director, and actress Asia Argento.

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In most cases, scenes of penetration were either cut out or replaced with alternate shots.

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British film by Penny Woolcock which has an "x-rated orgy scene".

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This also led to said films being unexpectedly forward-minded in terms of portraying racier subjects or in handling the lives of sex workers.

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Erika exists at the centre of this contrast, a being in two disparate worlds for which she constantly seeks to erode the line separating them.